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How to take Danabol for a beginner

A large number of men around the world engage in bodybuilding. Unfortunately, many athletes are not satisfied with the speed of progress with natural training. The fact is that the body is extremely reluctant to gain muscle mass, considering it ballast. It is dissatisfaction with the results of the training that pushes many bodybuilders towards the use of pharma.

One of the most popular AAS among athletes is Methandienone. This anabolic can be used by bodybuilders of various levels of training with minimal health risks. At the same time, taking Danabol can be very effective. However, to do this, you first need to get acquainted with this drug.
What is Danabol and its main effects

If we talk specifically about Danabol, this is the trade name of the steroid, which belongs to the Moldavian company Balkan Pharmaceuticals. Its main component is Methandienone. This substance was created in the middle of the last century and continues to be very popular among bodybuilders today.

Among the main positive qualities of the drug it is worth highlighting:

- Metabolism sharply accelerates, which leads to an increase in appetite. This is extremely important when gaining weight.
- During the course, the body begins to actively produce proteins. As a result, the process of muscle fiber hypertrophy is accelerated.
- The process of lactic acid production slows down and the body is able to quickly recover after training.
- Strength indicators increase.

These are just the basic properties of the anabolic steroid, thanks to which it has been popular for more than six decades.

Rules for using Danabol

Today you can buy methandienone dianabol without any problems. To do this, just contact one of the online stores. However, beginning bodybuilders face a more serious problem - creating the right course. If you have not used steroids before, we do not recommend chasing high dosages. The body of novice “chemists” has not yet encountered such a strong drug as AAS. As a result, he responds well even to taking a relatively small amount of Danabol.

Thus, the recommended daily dosage for the first course is 20-30 mg. The duration of taking the steroid should be limited to one month. In addition, restorative therapy – PCT – will have to be carried out. Since the course carried out in accordance with our recommendations is easy, it is enough to take 50 mg of Clomiphene Citrate for 14 days. Rehabilitation therapy starts the next day after taking the last methane tablet.

In addition, it is important to reconsider your diet. The fact is that muscles will not grow if the body does not receive enough nutrients. It is also extremely important to train actively, because AAS is just one of the tools with which you can speed up progress. Only a combination of steroids with the right nutrition and training programs will allow you to achieve your goals.

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